How many paragraphs can you stand?

Typical inane jabber

With a side of crazy sauce


Who made this?

This site was designed by me, Lauren Hallden.


When life hands you online dating, make online-dating internet weirdness.
(I had some free time and I thought it would be funny.)

Where's the text from?

The regular text is made of phrases I see frequently on OkCupid. My matches are your average 20/30-something mid-Atlantic straight guys, so the text I'm working with is borrowed from them.

Yes, I realize that means I'm not being completely inclusive here. Feel free to send me the frequent responses of other demographics!

On second thought, don't. My eyes are bleeding as it is.

Is the crazy text real?

Awww, you haven't tried online dating yet, have you. That's cute. You're lucky.