What is this?

The Lonely Project finds people who feel lonely on twitter, and lets you send them some anonymous encouragement!

How does it work?

Each time you come to the site, you'll see one recent, random tweet about loneliness. If that particular tweet doesn't speak to you, hit next and you'll get a different one.

And if I hit tweet?

The Lonely Project's official twitter account, @aLonelyProject, will send the author of the tweet a reply that says, simply:

Someone over here wanted you to know you're not alone. #lonely #lonelyproject

The person won't see your twitter handle; just @aLonelyProject. And maybe that person will come here and tell someone else they're not alone, too.

That's it! Tweet away!

This site was made by @phillylauren, who regularly searches twitter for lonely tweets on idle Sunday nights.