Who & What

Hey there! I’m Lauren Hallden. I’m a designer from Philly. Here are some things I’ve made in the last couple of years:

Most of these things were designed and coded quickly, for free. I hope you like them.

Where & When

I keep busy. During the day I’m the Product Designer designer at Stitch Data. My main focus is on user interface and experience design, but I also build responsive websites and draw hedgehogs. Check me out on Behance, Dribbble, CodePen, or GitHub to see what I’m up to right now.

Occasionally I write about my fixer-upper row home in Port Richmond. I’m an avid tweeter.

Why & How

I believe in making good things for good reasons. Making things that are useful, functional, and beautiful is a good start. But design can make life better in lots of other ways, too—it can challenge authority, catch you off-guard, make you laugh, and help you feel connected to other people.

Or, in the words of noted twitter author Dan Sinker:

“Small ideas are incredible. Build them! They will bring so much joy. Build stuff for 100 people. For 1000. Think of the possibilities!”

How to find me? Email [lauren @ laurenhallden.com].

Additional reading